The Dark Arts – Steelcon 2018 Workshop Prerequisites

Let’s start this by saying thank you for booking tickets to our workshop this year.

We have 100% sold out both of our sessions, and this is amazing!

While your 100% welcome to just come and watch as we present the workshop live it would be preferable if you have a go, and for those that want to get involved we have included the following list of prerequisites.

(It’s unlikely you’be able to get internet access to download the requirements on the day, secondly we only have two hours per session so if your taking part your need to be ready to roll)

1. A laptop with at min 8gb of RAM, 16gb would be preferable. Also your need about 45GB of spare storage space for two virtual machines.

We’re going to try and provide power but if your one of the lucky few to have good battery cool, don’t stress if not.

2. Download and install virtualbox feel free to use VM or any other virtualisation solution, we will be using virtualbox live because it’s free (and I like it).

3. Download a free windows 7 VB or any virtual flavour you prefer from.

Why not windows 10? Feel free to if you think your laptop can afford to spare 4GB of RAM, secondly unless you have an SSD hard drive I personally find it runs very slow.

Note – Best you don’t install the VB windows 7 machine before the workshop just have it download and ready to go.

4. Download windows server 2008 R2 from here.

Again please do not install this before the workshop.

5. Kali – Please have this downloaded and installed ready to go in VB or any other solution.

The link below is for pre created virtual Kali images, simply download VB 64bit image, double click, import, turn it on. Default username be root and super strong password of toor

6. Download a copy of Invoke-Kerberoast from the following link

7. Be happy when you come and have fun, feel free to ask us both questions.

@5ub34x and @myexploit2600