BSides Leeds SE Workshop Prerequisites

Hope to see loads of you at 5ub34x and my workshop on remote social engineering at Leeds 2018.

The workshop is open to everyone, it be very easy to follow (as sec should be), fun and hopefully by the end of it your know a trick or two.

So down to business, we only have two hours for the workshop so it will help 100% if all attending have the following ready to go.

1. VirtualBox, VMWare or equivalent. VirtualBox can be downloaded from here:

2. Windows 7, 8 or 10 virtual machine which you can attack. Free virtual machines can be downloaded from here:

3. Kali Linux: Downloaded from here

4. Trial copy of MS office on your Windows VM or full version on your main OS is fine.

NOTE: Office365 is a no go sorry as you most likely won’t have internet access.

5. Empire installed on your Kali OS don’t worry if you don’t know how to use empire we will go over the basics. Download here: EmpireProject

If you’re able to configure your virtual machines so they can communicate with each other, that would also be great.

Questions? DM me on Twitter.